I'm baaccckkk

Cue AC/DC's "Back in Black" as I fade back into existence. I know, I know, I should be banned from the net for not updating as I should. Not easy to do when all you have is a Sidekick to work with ( got rid of that thing real quick, I'll have you know. But, I have a great connection now that will be with me most everywhere I go.

Have I been caching lately? You bet!! Have I logged any of them yet? uhm....er....uhh.... Look! A MONKEY!! :runs and hides:

No stress, though. Now that I have net access again I'll have a better chance of updating many things..... blogs, caches, etc.

Until we meet again...


Random Happenings

:sigh: Look, I know that I haven't updated since October, but I've been busy. Being a single parent on low income is quite challengeing.

Anyway, tonight KG and I went caching with NevadaWolf. On our way home we saw a dude wailing away on a bongo drum just outside of the Carson Nugget! Now, were we in the Bay Area it wouldn't have been odd, even kinda blah. But here in Carson City it's ccertainly a random occurance.

Be Well and Cache On!


Time For an Update

Well, the quitting smoking idea didn't exactly pan out like I thought it would. My caching fun has slowed to a very small crawl with the exception of being featured in the local paper on the front page in a pro-geocaching article recently. I'm currently looking for work among all of the other things that life throws at me.
No stress, I can handle it. I'll get by no matter what.

Be well one and all.


The time starts tonight, the path starts here.

Tonight starts a new phase in my life as I attempt to become a non-smoker.
This will not be easy, as I've been smoking since 1984, and the last attempt failed miserably for still unknown reasons.
This time around, I know I have my support team. They know who they are, and they know that I love and appreciate all they have done and will do for me.
None of us know what's in store for us, but I can say that I for one see a light at the end of the tunnel, and it's not from a lighter.
I'll make it through. I have to. I need to. It's time for this phase of my life to end.
Wish me luck, one and all.

Good night and sleep well.


The future is here...

You can be sure I'll be referrencing (spelled wrong, I know.) this on The Kindergeek Chronicles, but I just had to post it here as well. KG decided he wanted to play a game. Not wanting to dig out my CD binders while also wanting to give him something sans flashy graphics and a ton of adventure I chose to load up a small game called "Hacker 3.1::Cyber Warfare". He read through the instructions and dove right in. I should have known better, as this is childs' play for him...

For the rest of the story, hit the link to the right for the Chronicles.


Reality Brick

The recent past (combined with changes at work) has given me time and many reasons to evaluate my marketable skills. After some serious soul searching I've come to the conclusion that I cannot deny my past and what I've been trained for since I was in elementary school: I'm a driver, a "Wheelman" if you will. If it's road-worthy I can drive it, and drive it well. The problem is there's not much call for someone with my particular skillset, and if a person gets into the line of work I'm in now, it's hard to get out of because it's such a niche field.
There's gotta be a better job for me out there...


Speaking of Kindergeek...

If you scroll down to the post "Happenings of Late", you'll see where I speak of a major life change. I mentioned what the change will be in my previous post.
Yes, it's true, Kindergeek will be joining me again!!! Sound the trumpets, strike up the band, he'll be moving in with me in about a month. Given time I may even start the Kindergeek Chronicles up again, as I'm sure he'll be up to more than a few antics.

The adventure begins anew...

Cache On!!